Thursday, 26 February 2015

I've been quiet for a while I know, but I have been busy on a series of paintings which are currently being exhibited at The Broadgate Tower in the City area of London. I was invited to put on the show by the owners of the building, British Land. So I've had a busy time preparing 25 pieces  for the exhibition. They are all paintings about nature of urban space and how it can be affected by mostly unintended relationships of structure, light and space. The show's called Relative Space and runs for another month. It's in an exhibition space within a commercial office building and so the best way to see the show, if you wanted to, is to contact me and I can clear it with security. Above are 3 of the paintings. The top one is called 'Notional Architecture', the middle one 'Recalmation' and the third is called 'Transient Complexity.